My very first blog entry

So I am not sure if I ever will be writing anything here, but need to fill my personal website with something now.

Let me start by introducing myself: My name is Suren Oganesian I was born in Moscow, Russia I am mostly Armenian, but also part Russian, I am proud of my heritage! My family is spread all over the planet for historical reasons.

I currently live in Barcelona, moved here in 2015 with my then wife, have a son, but due to certain events we are divorced and live separately which is an interesting journey that I was never planning.

When I moved to Barcelona I started a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence (AI). This was my plan for switching industries (from Banking and Finances) and pursing a career in computer science. I am still on this path as the knowledge I gained at the masters was very valuable, but my lack of experience made it an issue to get employed anywhere.

After having a hard time with my divorce, I am back on my path and trying to find a career in App development, while continuing with my current employments that you can check out somewhere on this website.

You can follow my journey on my little video updates I post on TikTok @never2late2code